As a general member, you'll have the opportunity to participate in our case competitions, attend club events, and take part in our professional development programme. To sign up, please fill out a membership form and transfer your $10 membership fee to 12-3428-0046732-02, using your Auckland University ID, UPI and "AMI MF" as a payment reference. 

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Join the Executive Committee

Applications to join the 2018 Executive Team are now closed. Recruitment for our next Executive Team will open in September 2019. Please refer to our recruitment handbook for more information on the roles available.

AMI recruits approximately 30 students annually to join our Consulting team.

Our consultants are collectively assigned pro-bono consulting projects to work on over the university semester. Our Executive Team works alongside our partners to develop the individual pro-bono consulting projects. Examples of our previous work and upcoming projects can be found here.