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Newsletter One

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you to being part of our AMI Family.
Thank you for helping AMI start off 2018 with a bang!

If you missed out on any of our events,
let us take you back to what’s happened so far…

O' Week 
As with every first week of university, the classic “new year, new me” attitude created a palpable and positive energy that bounced off the polished walls of OGGB.

Our Executive Team were inspired after meeting so many genuinely ambitious students.

Much to our excitement, so many of these talented minds were quick to see the value of AMI! O’Week definitely set the tone for this year – and it’s a tone that emanates enthusiasm and anticipates success.

Opening Night 
Once O’Week was over, AMI hit the fast track to preparing for our annual Opening Night. Our Executive team loved getting to know our members a little more and answering your questions.

Hopefully, you got some insight into the people-focused culture of our club and what AMI does as an organisation. Opening Night once again proved that our members are comprised of diverse and brilliant minds.

Conference I: Microfinance & Economic Development

The first part of our Conference Series, Microfinance & Economic Development, featured Louise Aitken (CEO of Ākina Foundation), Matt Halsey (Development Manager of  Good Shepherd Microfinance NZ) and Dr Kenneth Jackson (Former Postgraduate Advisor of Development Studies at Auckland University).

The panel engaged in stimulating discussions about global socioeconomic issues that need to be addressed.

Students that attended the evening reflected that it was a one-of-a-kind event. They expressed that it was their first time learning what social lending and Microfinance looks like from different perspectives in economic development.

Conference II: A Career in Consulting
Our second event, A Career in Consulting, provided valuable insights into the consulting profession and the recruitment process for major consulting firms. 

Alex Leben (Manager at PwC NZ), Rhea Sampoornanand (Consultant at TRA NZ) and Brett O’Riley (Managing Director at O’Riley Consulting Group) had a wealth of experiences to share with our members. Paul Rataul (Founder of Millennial Mindset) also shared his insights on recruitment with us. 

Students at the Conference found that it was a highly valuable event as they had the opportunity to make new friends in AMI, learn more about a career in consulting, and gain insight about the profession from different perspectives.

Consultants' Training Day 
Thank you to everyone who applied for our Consultant positions for 2018 – we cannot stress enough that the calibre of candidates this year was outstanding and the number of applications that we received was unprecedented.

Projects for 2018 kick off soon – watch this space!
Upcoming Projects 

A significant part of what AMI does is the projects that we undertake to consult our partners located both internationally and in NZ.

Here is the list of projects for 2018:
Malyasia, InvestED India, Good Shepherd, Blockchain and Microfinance and a few more projects in the pipeline. 

Our Consultants are ready to take on these exciting challenges and deliver value to our partners. We look forward to providing you with updates throughout the year!

AMI Mentoring Programme 

New to AMI in 2018 is our Mentorship Programme, where successful applicants will be paired with a mentor who will act as a contact for any personal or career-related guidance.

There are limited spaces for mentees and applications close on Sunday 8 April, so get in quick!

Click Here to Apply for our Mentorship Programme!
Lunch Date Testimonial 
Here’s what one of our Exclusive Lunch Date winners, Janna Tay, had to say about her lunch date with Louise Aitken (Ākina Foundation):

"I learned so much from my meeting with Louise Aitken, CEO of Ākina Foundation. She is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and generous with her time and advice. It was fantastic to hear about her path from an Arts degree to the corporate world to social enterprise, and to see her dedication to giving back to the community. I’m at the stage of trying to figure out my own next steps so I appreciated seeing how she was able to enter so many different fields and carve out the right career for herself. Her advice was helpful from a career perspective and on a personal level. It was also a great opportunity to learn about the social enterprise sector: where it’s currently at, where it can go from here, and how that can happen. Thanks to AMI for making this possible – it was an invaluable and inspiring experience."

Janna Tay 

Introduction to AMI's Exec Team

Name: Joyce Wong

Role: Co-President

Year: 4th Year

Degree: BA/BCom

Strength: Hypeness + getting LIT

Weakness: Punctuality

Interests outside of university:
Binging Netflix is my favourite past time. However, I also love any activity that gets me outdoors, whether it’s rock climbing or kayaking. If you asked me this question in 2017, I would have said Soju but I’m trying to get over my addiction

When and why did you join AMI?
I joined AMI in my first year of University. As an avid first year, I researched every club at university prior to O’Week and thought AMI would be a great mix between academia and my altruistic side. In late 2015, I decided that I was interested in pursuing Development Studies and decided to test this out by joining a consulting team in 2016.

What are your career aspirations?
I have always wanted to be my own boss, so I hope to start my own company in the future. Right now, it seems like I will be starting a new venture related to event planning, whether they are parties or launch events (not weddings). One day, I hope to own a stadium/event venue + a sausage dog.

What do you think is the most valuable thing that you can derive from university?
Meeting different types of people is what I have found most valuable at 
university. It’s almost like a baby step before you hit the real world. You learn that people work differently and how to be comfortable with who you are because everyone is different.

If you were a university course, what would you be?
Stats 108. Straight up. In Stats, you don’t understand how the lecturer can be so passionate about t-tests and regression analyses. Don’t get me wrong, I hate maths with a passion. But I can relate to the lecturers in the way that I am passionate about things in the world, where others are not.

Name: Chooi-An Khoo

Role: Co-President and AMI’s mom

Year: 5th Year

Degree: LLB(Hons)/BCom

Strength: Growing watermelons, capsicums, and beans. Everything that I sow into the earth grows.

Weakness: Vertically challenged.

Interests outside of university: Sustainability, Michael B Jordan, and finding doggo memes.

When and why did you join AMI?
I joined AMI not knowing what I was getting myself into. I heard a bit about the organisation through a couple of friends and quite liked the idea of it. So I applied to be the Director of Administration & HR and Treasurer, but I somehow became the Director of Professional Development. In this role, I connected with our students, learnt more about the organisation, and my love for AMI gradually grew over the year.

Then I started to realise that there was so much more that we could do for our students. So I signed up to be the Co-President for 2018 with the goal of building a close-knit AMI community and to provide greater value for our students. So far, I’ve been working tirelessly to achieve this goal, and being able to see our students make friends, grow, and make an impact is truly motivating and fulfilling!

What are your career aspirations?
I don’t have a set career aspiration, but I have always wanted to work for BBC Earth to help create wildlife documentaries. It would be a dream come true to be involved in making the next Blue Planet or Planet Earth series. 
Alternatively, I would love to create an organisation for wildlife conservation or environmental sustainability. But life is a marathon and not a sprint, so I’ll slowly work my way towards that dream.

What do you think is the most valuable thing that you can derive from university?
Knowing where the cheap eats are.

If you were a university course, what would you be?
Maths 108 because I can come off as scary at first, but when you start to get to know me I’m surprisingly okay.

If you would like to join as a general member, sign up here, and transfer $10 to 
12-3428-0046732-02 (please include your name and ID in the reference). 

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